Talking trash (about design)

Suzanne Tick

Medium: Paper, plastic, wire, cardboard tubes, coated fiber
Dimensions: Three panels, each 22” wide x 80” high


Refuse DC and the accompanying weave studies is an exploration of everyday detritus that piles up from our visits to dry cleaners and supermarkets. “As an experiment, I asked my local businesses to keep any debris brought back from customers,” says Tick. “We collected them every few weeks. As the plastic, wire, paper, and cardboard tubes started accumulating, it became clear what I needed to do: create woven structures.” The outcome is beautiful, familiar, constructive—and entirely one of a kind.


Medium: Coat hanger metal, coated fiber
Dimensions: 8” wide x 28” high

Medium: Coated fiber
Dimensions: 15” wide x 19” high

Medium: Coated fiber, recycled plastic bags
Dimensions: 10” wide x 19” high


About Suzanne Tick:

Artist/designer Suzanne Tick heads up Suzanne Tick Inc., specializing in material development—from textiles and hard surfacing to carpet and lighting—for commercial and residential interiors. New technologies, unusual material inspirations, and handmade element are central to her work. Suzanne received her BFA in woven design from the University of Iowa and an associate degree in applied arts from FIT. Exhibitions include her stainless-steel woven structures in the Museum of Modern Art’s 1998 “Surface & Structure”; fabric-embedded Imago panels in the Denver Art Museum’s 2002 “U.S. Design 1975-2000”; and woven fiber-optic light sculptures for the 2006 Cooper Hewitt Triennial.


Written by JR

May 15, 2009 at 7:04 pm

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