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Situ Studio

Fire Wall
Medium: Beetle-kill pine timbers
Dimensions: 4” high x 4” wide x 22” long (logs); 2’ deep x 7’ wide x 7’ high (assembled partition)


FireWall proposes a new functional role for the firewood stack, one that becomes an integral architectural presence within the home. The interlocking, CNC-milled logs form a reconfigurable wall that is constantly changing as the logs are burned and replenished. Engineered with a perforation pattern that allows for a highly efficient burn, the logs are made from surplus pine timbers that have succumbed to the beetle infestation currently ravaging American pine forests. This reclaimed resource provides a sustainable and renewable material that is both functionally elegant and designed specifically to be disposed of in an efficient and useful manner.

About Situ Studio:

Situ Studio was founded in 2005 in Brooklyn, New York, while its five partners were studying architecture at the Cooper Union. Concentrating on research, design, and fabrication, the firm utilizes emerging technologies at the intersection of architecture and a variety of other disciplines. Their work has been enriched by collaborations with activists, artists, biologists, engineers, geologists, and writers.


Written by JR

May 15, 2009 at 7:02 pm

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