Talking trash (about design)

Paul Loebach and Chris Specce

Pleated Paper Can
Medium: Biodegradable and 100-percent recyclable waxed paper
Dimensions: 10” diameter x 13” high


The Pleated Paper Can takes its cue from disposable paper condiment cups. These ubiquitous everyday objects are superb examples of good disposable design: their economic use of material is underscored by a simple and sturdy folded construction. The Pleated Paper Can does not require a garbage bag. Instead, you can use it until you are through, and put the entire can out with the garbage.

About Paul Loebach:

Paul Loebach is a furniture and product designer based in Brooklyn. His work focuses on the history, material construction, and production methodologies of domestic objects.

About Christopher Specce:

Christopher Specce is an industrial designer based in Providence, Rhode Island. He is the lead designer of Kaiju Studios and an instructor in the Rhode Island School of Design’s furniture design department.


Written by JR

May 15, 2009 at 6:59 pm

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