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The Loop Open Source Design Competition
Medium: Spun-bonded, high-density polyethylene non-woven


Loop By the Yard is made of Tyvek, a reversible textile-like material that is durable, breathable, and waterproof. Ideal for a variety of do-it-yourself projects, Loop can be cut, sewn, wrinkled, folded, pierced, hung, or hemmed. Tyvek has been recycled for decades; MIO is now employing this existing infrastructure to test a closed recycling loop. Orders ship with a prepaid envelope for returning scraps, or the actual project when no longer wanted. To explore additional design applications showcasing the material’s potential, MIO initiated an open call for ideas. These are the three winning designs:

Melissa MacNair
Origami Organizer
Dimensions: Variable


Utilitarian yet decorative, Origami Organizer is a collapsible, customizable storage system ideal for seemingly endless uses: desktop organization, arts and crafts projects, portable paint palettes, rearrangeable planters, and more. Using a simple origami technique, Loop is folded into pockets that snap together so they can be configured as desired—hung in a string, set in a line, or looped together—and also easily disassembled for replacement or recycling of individual pockets.


Megan Talley
Dimensions: 43” wide x 43” high x 12” deep


This design provides affordable, flexible, and space-saving storage. The accordion-like form can be flat-packed for shipping, recycling, or stowing away when not in use; the material’s quality and affordability makes it ideal for temporary shelving. Courtesy of Loop’s durability and resistance to mold and mildew, the product can be used indoors or out.


Lorenzo Buffa
Loop Pocket
Dimensions: Variable

Designed for urban modernists who appreciate clean aesthetics combined with wit, Pocket is not only wallpaper but also a clever small-space solution that uses storage elements to maximize vertical space. The user customizes the layout: the fabric is shipped with pre-designed stencils and customers use a utility knife to cut slits and openings as desired. Pockets are then secured with double-sided carpet tape. Whole rooms can be wallpapered with Loop Pocket—it can even be used outdoors to create vertical gardens.


About MIO:

MIO was founded in 2001 by the Salm brothers—Isaac, the numbers guy and Jaime, the design guy—to combine business rigor with environmentally and socially progressive design. Based in Philadelphia, MIO builds on the city’s strong local manufacturing base and diverse pool of creatives. Their designs address the needs of today while aiming towards the technologically advanced and responsible product experiences of tomorrow by strategically harnessing the most eco-intelligent aspects of conventional manufacturing, marketing, and distribution methods, integration of existing technologies and industries into a profitable value-added system that is both socially and environmentally responsible.

Melissa MacNair, Lorenzo Buffa, and Megan Talley are industrial design students at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.



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May 15, 2009 at 7:27 pm

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