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Coming Soon: May 15-20, 2009

An off-site design exhibition taking place in New York during the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), InDisposed highlights the twin dichotomies that define contemporary design today: sustainability versus wastefulness, and preciousness versus mass production.

To help spark a thoughtful and lively dialogue about these issues, we invited visionary thinkers in a range of media—from furniture and graphic designers to fine artists and musicians—to envision an eco-friendly design that addresses notions of disposability, waste, and/or wastefulness.

We challenged them to create pieces that are made from environmentally sustainable materials, portable (considering the object’s intended use), able to be disposed of in a responsible and convenient way, and conceivably able to be mass-produced. At the end of the show, all pieces will be ceremoniously recycled, upcycled, composted, or otherwise responsibly disposed of.

The show will take place at Studio-X, a Soho extension of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, open to the public from 10 AM to 6 PM daily, Monday through Saturday.

Participating designers (as of May 6, 2009)

· Ate Atema of Atema Architecture (New York City)

· Tom Chiu of Flux Quartet in collaboration with David First (Brooklyn, NY)

· Liz Kinmark and Kegan Fisher of Design Glut (New York City)

· Adrian Kondratowicz (Berlin and New York City)

· Paul Loebach and Christopher Specce (New York City)

· Kevin Patrick McCarthy (Beacon, NY)

· Jeff Miller (New York City)

· Takeshi Miyakawa (New York City)

· Andrea Ruggiero (New York City)

· Carlos Salgado of Scrapile (Brooklyn, New York)

· Isaac and Jaime Salm of MIO, with Lorenzo Buffa, Melissa MacNair, and Megan Talley (Philadelphia, PA)

· Situ Studio (Brooklyn, New York)

· So Takahashi of Heads, Inc. (Oslo, Norway, and New York City)

· Suzanne Tick (New York City)

· RedStr Collective with Chris Cao (Brooklyn, New York) 

· Tobias Wong (New York City)

For more information, contact indisposednyc (at) gmail (dot) com.


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